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Europe: Fast order for Haas sugar cone production line


Within 12 months, between the initial inquiry and the first production run, CFT Haas Convenience Food Equipment supplied two CAIMAN-D-300 lines to Biscuits Dupon, a renowned sugar cone manufacturer in Spain.

Six months after Biscuits Dupon sent an inquiry, the sugar cone producer endorsed the ordered Caiman lines during trial runs at the Haas headquarters.

Ten days after the new lines were delivered, Dupon was already producing its first batch of sugar cones.

With its sophisticated technology and flexibility, Caiman allows for changes between various recipes.

Dupon has been running these lines for five months and reports that the ovens are producing the required output of 18,000 cones per hour with low downtime and little waste.

Depending on customer demand, Dupon needs to offer a variety of taste options.

The company can play with recipes because Caiman lines accept different recipes with little modification or change in parameters.